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I am a writer

I am also a procrastinator.  That is what I am doing right now. Procrastinating. I should be editing my book but I have found that I have a great dislike for editing.  Flinging words around to form semi coherent plots and fleshing out characters is great, going back over more than 150 pages and fixing those rambling drabbling sentences and paragraphs into something that makes sense isn't so much fun. 
So I went to the local coffee shop to partake of caffeine and maybe get some work done because sitting at home I had too many distractions.  I need a new coffee shop that opens at the crack of dawn.  This one has too many people that know me.  Not that is a bad thing, I like seeing my best friends mom, good friends I used to work with, and the quirky guy that sprays the ants in my yard but I am really supposed to be working...Yeah, they all give me that pat on the back and tell me how impressed they are that I wrote a book and that they are sorry for interrupting and I get to be all 'yeah I should really get back to work', but secretly I am happy they provided another distraction.  Even LJ makes a good distraction.  If I could channel all that time and effort that I spend avoiding editing into actually working I could have five books done by now.  However sometimes I think that the aversion to work is part of the process.  If I didn't dodge work as much as I do then I wouldn't work as hard when I finally get down to it. 
  In fact to add to my distractions I am going to post this without it being friends locked.  That way if there are other writers out there looking for their own distractions they can share mine and maybe return the favor by posting comments or something.  Anyway I think I will make a habit of this if I can.  One reason is it chronicles my writing journey as I try to get my book ready for someone other than myself to see.  Another reason is so if another writer does stumble across this they might be comforted by knowing that they aren't the only crazy one out there.  "We're all mad here."  -Louis Carroll


May. 17th, 2012 12:23 am (UTC)
Good luck with the editing. I also.............. procrastinate. lol A lot of times, getting started is the hardest part of a task.

Editing does suck. I've forgotten a lot of what I learned in English class, so my editing skills may be shot as far as punctuation and sentence mechanics go. Also, sometimes I screw up on the tenses. *facepalm* I need a refresher course in both English and in Creative Writing.



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