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“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”

― Lloyd Alexander

5 March
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Ummm...I love to write but not usually about myself. In fact most of my journal entries are nothing but long rants but that's how I vent. I do write a bit of fan fiction and post from time to time but mostly on ffnet. (If you get curious I'm theCoffeefox over there.) My original works are so far undiscovered, but I still have hopes that one day I will actually finish the 15 or so books I'm writing and bless the world with my creative genius. :)
I love anime, manga, and Japanese culture too. Every year I try to attend at least one Anime Con were I mingle with other freaks like myself. I love to Cosplay and make some of my own costumes. I also like to take walks in the woods and get in touch with my inner elf.